Im a lonely person. I’d like to say that it’s a great way to live, that I’m perfectly happy sitting in a room for weeks at a time. The truth is that I’ve always found it difficult. The working starts and the days begin to blur together. Time stops at my desk and the social niceties begin to fade away. Loud music and movies.  Roommates have often complained of talking coming from my room when I’m alone. Im not sure how healthy it is but has been going on a long time. It is quite something to get used to.

I really wouldn’t have it any other way.

                  I’ve been drawing since before I can remember and at this point, it’s just as natural as walking or breathing. The writing started later but still, it’s been there, familiar and nagging like an irritating tag on a t-shirt. Really, constructing the story is my favorite part. It’s new, fresh and I’m free to create uninhibited. In the beginning, it worked very rarely and part of that was because I wasn’t sure what stories I wanted told.

                  If you know me, then you know that my interests are unpredictably varied. Biology, psychology, ancient history, Texas, nihilism. Just to name a few. I hope as you proceed to my work (and hopefully follow it) you will begin to see the passion and joy that has gone into what it is that I have chosen to do and don’t take it too seriously. Good luck.

-Nick C.